Superior Wellness Defence Set
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Targeted action to holistically boost the body’s natural defences

Superior Wellness Defence SetImmuno-Kern + D-Kern

This combination was carefully studied by our experts to guarantee maximum protection and vitality.

Vitamin C and D work in synergy with the body’s natural defences by promoting the proper functioning of the immune system, great for overall psycho-physical wellbeing. Furthermore, Vitamin D fortifies and supports the maintenance of muscle and bone function, while Vitamin C produces an invigorating effect, working to reduce tiredness and fatigue. Finally, Turmeric and Boswellia perfectly complete this defence set, often used in traditional treatments due to their holistic natural properties.

10 ml + 10 ml

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No added artificial additives

No preservatives, alcohol or colourants

Swiss quality

Award-winning patented formula

Enrich your wellness

Vital daily nutrients for total body energy, protection and strength

Add 10 drops of Immuno-Kern and 10 drops of D-Kern each day to water or other drinks such as smoothies, juices or warm herbal teas.
When taken daily, this set should last 20 days, the minimum time recommended for noticable results.

A unique combination
of two clean and minimal formulas:

With naturally originating ingredients

Not tested on animals

Created by a team of women

Gluten free

Our expert


“Providing the body with extra reinforcement can do wonders for your health, especially during colder, darker months.”


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